Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Technology and the Christian - Part 18 Pornography

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The final topic I'd like to cover in this series is the one that many of you may have thought would be the one that would come up first – pornography.

This article is primarily directed at men who are trying to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Some of you who may not be familiar with Jesus' teaching may find these thoughts unusual in light of the culture we live in today where virtually anything goes. As Christians we believe that the Bible is God's word to man, and a Christian man who is trying to be faithful to his Lord will try to govern his life according to God's will as given in the Bible.

The purpose of this series of articles has been to examine the relationship between technology and the Christian. However, I think that in order to explain the sexual implications of technology I need to lay the groundwork of a few principles from the Bible that I'm assuming in this discussion. Each of these ideas could generate a full chapter on their own, but I will just summarize them here.

The first thing we need to remember is that God created sex and sexuality. Sex in itself is not a dirty or vulgar thing. It is a God-given gift. Next we need to remember that God has told us in Scripture that sex is to be enjoyed, but that enjoyment is to be within the relationship of marriage between a man and a woman. All through the Bible the rightful sexual relationship within marriage is praised and held up as a joyful thing.

After Adam sinned, man's nature became sinful in all areas of his being and strong desires, which the Bible calls lusts, began to have a dominant force in a person's life. The Bible says that the strong desires of the body (or the flesh as the Bible describes it), the strong desires coming through our vision, and the pride of life are not from God the Father, but are part of the world system. (I John 2:16) These strong desires are very difficult to overcome and without the Spirit of God at work, it's almost impossible.

When a person comes to Christ, God gives him His Spirit and divine power to enable him to overcome these desires and to live a life that pleases God. We need to recognize that God has given us commands and directives because He is the one who created us and He knows best what is good for our well-being. We should never look at the commandments of God as though they were meant to spoil our fun. When we buy a product, a manufacturer will often enclose a list of instructions that shows the proper way to use the device. For example, we are perhaps not supposed to use the device in the water. It may cause damage to the device or injury to us. These are rules written by the ones who know best how things are supposed to work. The same is true of God's rules for us.

Tomorrow we'll look at the ways that the Bible describes various sexual sins.

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Duke's Blog said...

Jumping into the middle of this and some time behind where you are at, it seems to me that human sexuality was a very special and sacred gift of God. It is the means by which human life is perpetuated. I think that is why the devil has come against human beings in so many, powerful and deceiving ways, trying to corrupt this very sacred gift. And he has succeeded as we see in the world around us and even among us in the Church. We need to be alert to the schemes of the evil one.
Thanks for your efforts with these posts, Roger, You write very well.