Saturday, November 23, 2013

Crucified to the World -- A Devotional by Matthew Mead

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.     Galatians 6:14

The grace of God makes the soul like a weaned child to all worldly things.  This does not mean we are without earthly comforts and contentments.  You may have much of the world, and yet still be weaned from it.  Others have little of the world, and are not.  To be weaned from the world does not mean we undervalue our enjoyments either.  There are real mercies to us.  They are gifts from above, and the bounty of God’s providence.  But to be weaned means that we are content in every condition and providence of life.  When the Lord designs to work grace in a heart, and redeem a soul to himself, he first weans it from the world.  This is how God dealt with the prodigal son.  God is never better to us than when the earthly is most bitter.  To forsake God to live upon earthly pleasures is a great loss; it is to forsake a living fountain for a broken cistern, and leads us out of God’s blessing.  An excess in creature-enjoyments drowns our reason in sense, and our judgment is extinguished by our appetites.  When God weans a soul from the world he makes the earthly bitter by some affliction or disappointment.  Thus he leads the soul to look out for a more pure and lasting satisfaction in Christ.  In times of outward prosperity we are full of the world, and the Lord can find no room in our hearts.  Present comforts have taken possession and thrust him out.  When Christ was born, there was no room for him in the inn.  Thus it fares with the Lord Jesus Christ in the world yet.  Most of us lay him in the manger out of the way.  How do you treat the blessed Jesus?  Do you receive him into your hearts and affections?  Please deal plainly with God and your own souls and tell me; what entertainment do you give to the Lord Jesus?  Please let him into your hearts and affections!


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