Friday, March 12, 2010

Biblical Manhood Loving Your Wife - Part 4

The other issue is found in I Peter 3:7. We are told here to dwell with our wife in an understanding manner, giving her honor as the weaker vessel. There are a couple of things to think about here.

First, we are to live in an understanding manner. That takes initiative and effort. It also takes listening! We need to learn to understand the characteristics of women generally and our wife in particular. This takes careful listening and practice. We need to learn not to react, but to ask questions and probe, seeking to understand without making belittling comments. We aren’t right just because we are thinking like a man. Our wife wants to be thought of and understood as a person and not as merely an object of her husband’s sexual passion.

Second, we are to give honor to our wife. That is why we open the doors for her, wait for her to go first and serve her in any way we can. Maybe when you sit down to eat you could refrain yourself and your children from eating half of your food before she even gets to sit down. How’s that for a practical application?

Finally, the passage tells us the reason we should do these things is because she is the weaker vessel. This is not a slam against women. It is the truth from God. Many women seem to be confident, able to lead, and secure. In fact some men feel inadequate when comparing themselves with their wife. But the truth is that your wife is the weaker vessel. She often feels vulnerable and inadequate in ways you might not ever suspect. So learn to love her and respect her and honor her as the weaker vessel and she will be greatly encouraged and strengthened in her role as wife and mother.

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