Thursday, April 18, 2013

An App to Help in Scripture Memorization

As Christian men, one of the most important spiritual disciplines we can develop in our lives is that of Scripture memorization. Each one of us, if asked, should be able to tell someone else what verses we are working on as we "hide God's Word in our hearts." 

I don't know what method you have used, but over the years I have used several different methods. The most successful method for me has been using cards with the reference on one side and the verse on the other.

Since I'm a tech guy, I wondered if there was a way to duplicate the card idea on a smart phone. I was pleased to find an app called Flash Cards Deluxe. It's available for the iPhone or Android. I think it costs about $3.99.  I have found it to be exactly what I need for this purpose. You basically create a spreadsheet of the information you want on the "cards" and then upload the information through the website. What I like is that the cards can have more than two sides.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I put the first few words of a verse on one side, the reference on another side and the full verse on the third side.

When I go to the app on my iPod, I see the first few words first. From that I try to remember what the reference is and then I try to quote the entire verse.  The app will allow you to swipe one way to say that you got it correct and a different way to say that you got it wrong. You can set up the app to show you the verses you got wrong more frequently for more thorough review.  It really works for me.

The website is and the app is called Flash Cards Deluxe

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