Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From Boy to Man

Albert Mohler had an interesting radio broadcast on the Eclipsing of Biblical Manhood. You can find the online version here. There is a serious erosion of manhood going on that partly displays itself in the extension of adolescence into a man's twenties and in some cases thirties. One of the interesting resources that Dr. Mohler included on the radio website is a list of 13 marks that indicate that a boy has moved on to manhood.

I am going to take some time personally to work through these things even though I'm 62 years old, I think there is much to learn and I would encourage all of you to take some to think about this as well. Those of you who are young men in your teens and twenties would do well to meditate on the concepts that Dr. Mohler is addressing and look for passages of Scripture that might go along with his insights. Perhaps there some areas where you would disagree. It would be interesting to talk about that as well.

So from time to time over the next few weeks look for this topic as we work through the 13 marks that he has given us.

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ryan said...

The fourth point was interesting "physical maturity sufficient to work and protect a family." While not exactly the same thing, but in the same vein, perhaps...I read a book a while ago about the Naval Academy and got pretty excited, I found myself the whole time replacing the main characters with myself and wondering if I could do it. I expressed this to my wife and she was repulsed and completely closed to the idea, not that I was even seriously considering it. My wife's friend told her that her husband had always had a desire to serve in the military and she was beginning to see that there was no way to quench it other than to actually serve for a time. John Eldredge talks a lot about this need in men and when I hear him talk about it, I think "My wife should listen to this, it's spot-on for some of my feelings" but I don't share it because I think she'd be simply put off by it....hmmm. So, not entirely on track with Mohler's post, but it came to my mind.